Blaster Master

by Jesse Bishop

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Game: Blaster Master
Platform: Adventure
Media: Cartridge
System: N.E.S.
Release: November 1988
Original Music: Naoki Kodaka
Arranger Re-Mixer: Jesse A. Bishop
Date: June 2009
License: Creative Commons
Label: Concatenation Records

I was 14 years old and visiting my cousins for the summer in imperial valley back in 1996. Other than, seeing "The Cable Guy" in theatres and hanging out in a pizza shop because they were the only place within walking distance with air conditioning, $1 slices, and satellite TV, we had nothing to do. We stopped by a video rental place on the way back home one afternoon to grab a couple videos. I noticed that they had a waist high basket full of NES games for sale. I figured they were making room for all there new Playstation, Sega Saturn, and upcoming N64 games. The basket was pretty well picked though. For the most part the only games left were sports games. but deep within the basket was "Blaster Master". I had not really heard much about this game yet alone know anything about what kind of game it was. All I knew was that it had a extreme looking monster on the front, it was only $5. Little did I know it would become one of my most favorite video games of all time. I mean, you get to drive around a bad-ass futuristic tank and blow shit up. And the ability to leave the vehicle at any point in time is downright amazing. The dungeons are equally spectacular. solid overhead perspective game play with upgrade-able weapons. and every time you beat one of the bosses you get an upgrade on your tank. toward the end of the game your tank gets freaking red. climbing up walls and flying. And the music? One of the best NES soundtracks. recently gave it #25 on the top 30 NES soundtracks, right behind "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II" and "Final Fantasy III". Unlike a lot of games from its time, each zone or level had its own music. and the music from the boss fights were incredibly brutal. and once you got to the final boss the music kicked it up another notch and got even more intense. and because of all this I decided to give the soundtrack my own twist. I hope you enjoy.

special thanks to:
PINGOSIMON aka. Andre Beller for playing bass on "Submersible"
Trpw96e, ]V[aRSHMaLLo, sherron, Isotoxin,, Temjin, Leopold McGinnis, DoctorJ, Cooper Cerulo, Randall Laws, Chaos Falcon, Eric Stamm, Ron Kapanyko, Dragoon, cd9902, and for making all the awesome midi's that i used as reference during production.
i would also like to thank Naoki Kodaka for composing the original soundtrack and Sunsoft for releasing such a awesome game.


released June 22, 2009

Jesse Bishop Fet. Andre Beller



all rights reserved


Jesse Bishop San Diego, California

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